Recent Work and LTN Background

Recent Projects (within 1 yr)

  • River Hills Pet Care Hospital, civil and structural, Mankato MN
  • Madison East Center South East Facade Remodel, strucctural, Mankato MN
  • Benson West Multi-Housing Development, structural, 7  bldg. types, N. Mankato MN
  • Bluebird Cakery, structural, old brick downtown building, Mankato
  • Apple Jack Orchard Barn Timber Framing review and analysis, structural, Delano MN
  • Lakeside Village Apartment Devlpmt. civil, New Ulm MN
  • New Bohemia Restaurant, structural, remodel of old shopping ctr front, Mankato MN
  • Our Little World Daycare Bldg., structural, Mankato MN
  • Watford North Dakota WWTP Lift Station, open caisson structural, Watford ND

Specialties and Recent Interests


  • Deep Foundations
  • Open Caisson Lift Stations
  • Barn Timber Frames
  • Steel Connection Design
  • Steel Rigid Frame Design
  • Brick Facade Restoration
  • Barn Timber Frames
  • Original and Creative Pedestrian Bridge design
  • Piping Systems Structural
  • Polymer Concrete Design
  • Storm Shelters
  • Industrial Safety
  • Bridge Crane Framing

Recent Interests

  • Timber Trusswork
  • Timber Park Buildings
  • Cathedral Ceiling Framing
  • Historic Restoration


Mark J. Lawton P.E. M. ASCE  Owner  

30+ yrs experience

Licensed in: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, WIsconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota

BSCE Graduate of the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis

Present and Past Affiliations

  • American Institute of Steel Construction  AISC
  • American Society of Civil Engineers  ASCE
  • American Wood Council AWC
  • American Concrete Institute  ACI
  • International Code Council  ICC
  • The Masonry Society  TMS
  • Timber Framers Guild  TFG


LTN supports the continuing progress by the many organizations working to improve the environmental performance of buildings and of the construction process.

Let us make our planet great again.


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