LTN Engineering

Structural and Civil Engineering

Mankato MN

30+ years experience

P.E. Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, 

N. Dak, S. Dak

About Us

Structural Engineering

  • Buildings and Facilities: assembly, institutional, multi-housing, commercial, industrial
  • Industrial: manufacturing, agricultural, materials handling
  • Residential: framing sizing, foundations, 2015 Code wall panels,HUD FHA, plan review
  • Public works: lift stations, water, wastewater, storm water works, transportation, bridge
  • Solar Structural: roof assessment and safety check, roof reinforcement
  • Renovation: conservation, repair of older structures, barns and timber frame analysis
  • Construction: shoring engineering, load rating analysis for heavy equipment use
  • FEMA 361: storm safety and sheltering

Site-Civil Engineering / Planning

  • Storm Water Management site design
  • SWPPP plans, certified design
  • Plans for Grading, Paving, Storm Water Works, Sewer and Water and Utilities
  • Construction Erosion Control Planning
  • Earthwork and Cut-Fill Balance
  • Sitework ADA compliance
  • Topographic and Existing Utility Plans

LTN gets it done

  • LTN provides structural and site-civil engineering and project services for industry, institutions, builders, A&E teams and individuals. With 30+ yrs. of experience, LTN provides high quality and clearly communicated work, serving Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. 
  • LTN work is insured, clearly communicated, exhibits construction economy and craftsmanship, is subject to quality control and is "on time".
  • LTN also provides administration / CA services such as evaluations/inspections, construction docs/specs and contracts; can act as the Owners Construction Management Consultant and as a Project Team Manager.

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