Timber Truss Design and Build


Timber Truss Design - Build - Ship

A new and developing part of this company is it's Timber Truss Design and Build subsidiary. Our goal is to design and furnish as a building component, custom made timber trusses. These are to be designed by LTN Engineering and approved for production by the Owner and any other design team participants. The best joinery and the best in timber sand down and finishing will provide a beautiful timber truss product.   Yes, we will do round wood truss making too.

Our primary and preferred design is for mortise and tenon "pegged" joinery. Secondly are connections with steel gusset plates and lag bolts.

Take a good look around and you'll notice the occasional metal plated, multi ply modern manufactured wood truss components used for architectural purposes. Look again, they just don't work, one can only paint these to finish them. They always look very low grade, badly designed. Want one of these unsightly things in your great room or your drive-in canopy or lobby ? No way.  Good design sells and pleases most folks. So try this ! 

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